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IPv4 Exhausted

Posted June 19, 2014 by Webpass

Webpass allocated the final available residential IPv4 address space assigned to us today. All residential buildings coming online after today will receive a private IPv4 address space. Existing residential buildings with public IPv4 assigned will slowly transition to private IPv4 addresses as demand exceeds the currently allocated IPv4 address space. We expect minimal impact for all customers. The entire Internet will still be available when surfing the web from your Webpass connection. However if you wish to connect to your Webpass connection from a remote location (for example you have a web camera in your unit) the connection will only work on the IPv6 protocol.

All residential and commercial Webpass customers have access to public IPv6. Residential customers in all cities receive router advertisements and public routing. IPv6 DHCP service is available in select residential buildings. All customers will have access to IPv6 DHCP service when our network equipment vendor releases a software update promised in late July 2014.

To learn more about IPv4 exhaustion and the transition to IPv6, start with this Wikipedia article and go from there http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPv4_address_exhaustion. All computers and almost all network devices produced in the past couple years support IPv6. Unfortunately home routers are a notable exception so if you have trouble obtaining IPv6 through your router consider testing without the router. As always, Webpass tech support is available to help you if any issues arise with private IPv4 or the transition to IPv6. Login to your account on webpass.net or call 1-800-Webpass for assistance.

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