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Posted March 5, 2015 by Webpass

Last Thursday The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to keep the Internet open and free by enforcing net neutrality rules that require Internet providers to treat all traffic the same. Whether watching your favorite show on Amazon Prime, Netflix or Hulu content will load at the same speeds under these new rules. What does this mean for Internet providers? Some Internet service providers are not pleased with this news as they will no longer be able to decide whether to favor some Internet traffic over others in exchange for payment. Webpass has always been and will continue to be in favor of net neutrality. Below is an outline of how we currently implement network neutrality at Webpass:

1. Our customers pay us to deliver the entire Internet.
2. All packets are treated equally. Exceptions are made for violating the acceptable use policy or activity we deem malicious.
3. We do not accept payment from content providers to increase the prioritization of their packets or to decrease the prioritization of a competitor’s packets.
4. We do not pay content providers to deliver service to our network.
5. We adjust our peering relationships often to provide the best routes possible to our customers.
6. It is normal for a customer’s experience with each website to be different. The customer’s experience is a combination of Webpass’ network performance, the destination’s network performance, and the distance to the destination.

The new net neutrality rules won’t be made public until the end of April, so in the meantime, nothing will change. However, it’s refreshing to know the FCC has taken a stance in creating a free and open Internet for all.

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