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Webpass Announces Business Class Service

Posted June 21, 2007 by Webpass

Webpass has past several major milestones with the growth of its San Francisco based broadband wireless network. Webpass boasts more than 30 properties connected on it’s wireless network, over 600 customers, the ability to serve almost all properties in San Francisco east of Mount Sutro, and was recently listed as the fastest ISP in California by speedtest.net. Business customers in San Francisco continue to value competitive Internet access and Webpass’ unique value proposition in San Francisco. Webpass delivers enterprise quality broadband service (1 Mbps to 1000 Mbps) to commercial properties in San Francisco for rates substantially lower than the phone company. The advantages include:

  1. Webpass does not require fiber optic connectivity into a property eliminating prohibitive installation costs from fiber providers.
  2. Webpass provides redundant pathways to Tier 1 Networks over the wireless network, while fiber providers only deliver one pathway to the Internet. Customers get at least two independent pathways to the Internet and are not susceptible to outages caused by fiber cuts.
  3. Webpass’ wireless network is a self healing mesh so business customers are not susceptible to any single points of failure, except the actual router that each business customer is connected to.
  4. Webpass does not require a contract so customers can change the amount of bandwidth they purchase on a monthly basis rather than a yearly basis to match business objectives.
  5. Webpass can activate new service in a matter of days.
  6. Local technical support and installation staff.
  7. The bandwidth is delivered directly to your office suite eliminating the expense of a colocation facility.
  8. There is no additional charge for a BGP connection to our network.
  9. Webpass is net neutral.
  10. All customers connect to our network with a category 5 cable eliminating the cost of fiber optic networking equipment.

    Webpass is a wireless ISP serving Oakland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles founded in 2003. Webpass offers enterprise quality broadband connections to business customers located in “on network” properties. For more information about Webpass, please visit the main website at http://www.web-pass.com.

    About Webpass, Inc.

    Founded in San Francisco in 2003, Webpass is revolutionizing what customers can expect from their ISP. We are now part of Google Fiber thanks to our leading-edge approach. We pride ourselves on delivering simple Internet service designed around the needs of our customers. Unlike our competitors, we own and operate our Ethernet network, eliminating dependence on phone and cable companies. This successful formula has helped us quickly become one of the fastest Internet providers around. We offer business Internet connections from 10 - 1000 Mbps and residential Internet connections from 100 Mbps - 1 Gig. Webpass currently operates in the major urban markets of San Francisco, Oakland, San Diego, Miami, Chicago, Boston, and Denver. You can sign up for residential services, or contact our sales team for business service.