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Webpass Offers 45 Mbps Broadband Internet Service To 175 Bluxome Street, San Francisco CA 94107

Posted March 15, 2006 by Webpass

Webpass extends its 45 Mbps broadband service to 175 Bluxome Street, San Francisco CA 94107 providing residents with an Internet option that is 100 times faster than basic DSL for only $40 per month. Residents can now choose between DSL with speeds ranging from .5 to 6 Mbps, cable with speeds ranging from 4 to 6 Mbps and Webpass’ 45 Mbps service. Webpass’ broadband service is delivered using the blue data jacks already installed into each unit. This delivery method eliminates any up front cost for customers as they do not need to purchase any equipment to start service. Customers simply connect their computer to a blue data jack and they are online. “This is a challenging building for us since two other ISPs have previously provided Internet service here only to go out of business shortly thereafter,” stated Charles Barr, President of Webpass. “Hopefully residents will recognize our financial stability and give us the chance to prove we are better than the slower DSL and cable options.”

About Webpass, Inc.

Founded in San Francisco in 2003, Webpass is revolutionizing what customers can expect from their ISP. We are now part of Google Fiber thanks to our leading-edge approach. We pride ourselves on delivering simple Internet service designed around the needs of our customers. Unlike our competitors, we own and operate our Ethernet network, eliminating dependence on phone and cable companies. This successful formula has helped us quickly become one of the fastest Internet providers around. We offer business Internet connections from 10 - 1000 Mbps and residential Internet connections from 100 Mbps - 1 Gig. Webpass currently operates in the major urban markets of San Francisco, Oakland, San Diego, Miami, Chicago, Boston, and Denver. You can sign up for residential services, or contact our sales team for business service.