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New Residential Pricing

Posted April 18, 2012

It’s been three and a half years since our last price increase and the time has come to adjust our prices. Beginning May 1, 2012, our residential prices are increasing to $50 per month or $450 per year.

You may purchase one additional year in advance at the $400 rate anytime before May 1, 201…

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Rolled Out IPv6 for Our Business Customers

Posted April 1, 2012

As IPv4 addresses are being exhausted, IPv6 addresses are becoming highly desirable. Staying ahead of the curve, Webpass has just rolled out IPv6 addresses to our commercial costumers. Businesses enrolled in either the Standard or Premium package will be able to benefit from the offered IPv6 ad…

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Private Networks for Your Business

Posted March 1, 2012

Webpass recognizes that as your business continues to grow so does the need for better communication. The flow of data and communication within your business is critical to your success. With Webpass’ Private Networks, you’ll be able to take your business to the next level. We offer four diffe…

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Webpass extends its support hours and now has Sunday residential installations available too!

Posted February 7, 2012

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Free Ethernet Switches!

Posted October 5, 2011

Free Ethernet Switches!

Come on over and collect your free used Ethernet switch on Thursday, October 6th between 9:00AM – 6:00 PM. One switch per Webpass customer until they’re gone.

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Webpass Moved!

Posted June 24, 2011

Webpass moved all of our business operations into a much larger facility at 262 7th Street today. If you are a Webpass customer paying invoices with your bank’s online bill payment service, please update the payment address to 262 7th Street San Francisco CA 94103. Payments sent with the old addr…

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200 Mbps Residential Service Launched

Posted February 4, 2011

San Francisco, CA – February 24, 2011 Webpass launched a 200 Mbps residential Internet service today for our customers at 175 Bluxome Street.ᅠ We can bring a 200 Mbps service to your residential property if it meets the following requirements.

  1. The property has 50 units or more.
  2. The prope…
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Thank You Webpass Customers

Posted December 18, 2010

Thank you to all of the Webpass customers who donated toys this year.ᅠ We collected over 150 toys for the Toy For Tots Foundation who distributed the toys to local children.ᅠ Merry Christmas!

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Toy Drive Kicks Off

Posted December 10, 2010

Webpass is offering a $45 credit to all our customers who donate a new unwrapped toy before December 22.ᅠ New customers may give the toy to our installation technician while existing customers may drop off toys at our San Francisco office.ᅠ All of the toys collected are donated to the Marine Toys…

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New Business Pricing

Posted October 26, 2010

Webpass launched new business pricing plans today which dramatically lower the cost of bandwidth for our business customers.ᅠ Business customers can now economically purchase bandwidth in 10 Mbps increments and choose between standard and premium Internet service.ᅠ The new pricing is much more fl…

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