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45 Mbps Internet Service Available at 548 Brannan!

Posted May 9, 2006

Webpass offers a 45 Megabit broadband Internet connection to residents of 548 Brannan for $40 per month. Webpass’ broadband Internet Service is always on, does not require customers to install any software, and is one hundred times faster than basic DSL. The service is delivered into each unit ov…

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Webpass Offers 45 Mbps Broadband Internet Service To 175 Bluxome Street, San Francisco CA 94107

Posted March 15, 2006

Webpass extends its 45 Mbps broadband service to 175 Bluxome Street, San Francisco CA 94107 providing residents with an Internet option that is 100 times faster than basic DSL for only $40 per month. Residents can now choose between DSL with speeds ranging from .5 to 6 Mbps, cable with speeds ran…

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Webpass Offers 45 Mbps Broadband Service in The St. Regis Residences

Posted January 7, 2006

Webpass has installed its 45 Mbps broadband service in the new St. Regis Residences located at 188 Minna Street, San Francisco CA 94105. Webpass’ broadband service is much faster than DSL or cable options available in the property and Webpass’ broadband service boasts equally fast uploads and dow…

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45 Mbps Internet Service Available at South Beach Marina!

Posted December 15, 2005

The first customer in South Beach Marina for Webpass’ 45 Megabit (Mbps) broadband service was activated today. Webpass broadband Internet service is 100 times faster than DSL, the upload and download speeds are equally fast, and it does not require a land based phone line. The combination of thes…

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San Francisco's Best Business Broadband Now Available at 60 Federal Street!

Posted February 10, 2005

Webpass extends it’s wireless network to 60 Federal Street, San Francisco CA 94107, providing tenants with an alternative to the local phone company. Webpass can provide Internet connectivity ranging from 1 Mbps to 1000 Mbps at rates well below the local phone company. "Webpass clients are search…

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Webpass Business & Residential Internet Services Available at 355 Bryant Street!

Posted January 2, 2005

Webpass launched business and residential Internet services at 355 Bryant Street today. All businesses and residents within the property can now subscribe to broadband Internet access directly with Webpass, eliminating the “last mile” bottleneck of the local phone or cable company. Webpass’ broad…

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Webpass Offers 10 Megabit Broadband Service at The Minnesota Bay Lofts

Posted June 23, 2004

Webpass is pleased to offer a 10 Megabit Internet broadband service to the residents of 1310 Minnesota Street, San Francisco CA 94105. Webpass will compete directly with the local phone company for Internet customers in this recently completed live work loft in San Francisco’s Dog Patch neighborh…

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