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We've moved... We've expanded and are working on...

Posted February 1, 2016

Exciting things are happening at Webpass, and we want to share some important news with you. Loyalty from customers like you has fueled continued growth, making a move to a new facility necessary.

Our NEW address is:

*Webpass, In…

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Why Wait?

Posted January 15, 2016

Don’t get stood up by another Internet Service Provider saying “they’re coming” to your building.

Why Wait?
With Webpass you can sign up today.

To Sign Up Now call 1-800-Webpass or head to https://webpass.net

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Customer Spot Light: BabyList

Posted January 6, 2016

This month we welcome BabyList to our customer spotlight.

BabyList is a universal gift registry service. It gives expectant parents the ability to add any product, from any online store, to one online registry.

And it’s not just …

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Toys, Toys, Toys!

Posted December 21, 2015

This year we took a new approach to supporting Toys for Tots and we were able to donate even more toys than ever!

And while our approach may have changed, our love of s…

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Toys for Tots 2015

Posted December 8, 2015

Each year we support Toys for Tots by inviting our customers to donate a gift in exchange for a free month’s service. And each year the response has been bigger and better.

Unfortunately, the growing financial cost that comes with…

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Customer Spotlight: Change.org

Posted November 12, 2015

Change.org was founded in 2007 by Ben Rattray. During his senior year at Stanford, his younger brother confided in Ben that he was gay and described the suffering he had faced because of discrimination. That conversation changed everything for Ben. A career path originally headed towards Wall S…

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Meet Our Management Team

Posted October 29, 2015

The Webpass management team is responsible for the strategic direction and day-to-day operations of our company. The team possess over a decade of combined experience in operations, customer service, sales, product and software development, marketing, human resources, and finance. Check out their…

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Webpass Makes History In Miami

Posted October 22, 2015

History was made last month when we installed our network in Liberty Square, Miami’s oldest and largest redevelopment project, and 200 residents were able to access the Internet. The idea was sparked 8 years ago, but associated costs with building a network and the fear local Internet providers h…

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Webpass + Netflix = Must Stream TV

Posted October 8, 2015

Tired of spending well over $100 on cable TV and Internet every month? It might be time to cut the cable. A recent study showed the number of cord cutters grew 8.2% last year, and it’s anticipated that number will continue to rise as more people switch to cable alternatives. Streaming services su…

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IPv4 Is Going, Going, GONE

Posted October 1, 2015

Earlier this week ARIN announced that they ran out of IPv4 addresses. As the number of devices connecting to the Internet continues to increase the number of available IPv4 addresses has depleted. Although IPv4 addresses began running out nearly five years ago, the general population ignored adop…

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