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Upgrade your internet experience.

No long-term contracts. No hidden fees. No bundles. No data caps. No-nonsense internet.
Up to 1 gig download and upload speeds.
  • Speeds up to 1 gigabit
  • No data caps or long-term contracts.
  • No added taxes or fees.
  • No installation or equipment charges.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Google Wifi router included with service.
1 Gig
Starting at just
Fast, reliable internet for your whole home.

Your address may be eligible for even lower priced plans. Check availability to see the plans and pricing available at your property.

Get up to $30 off your monthly internet bill.
The FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program helps families connect to the internet.
Fast, easy, friendly, smart internet from Google Fiber Webpass.
Fast up, fast down.

Equally fast download AND upload speeds means your internet will be running smoothly, no matter how you’re using it. Video chat without awkward freeze face or glitchy robot voice. Go live without lag or interruption.


The best internet is internet you don’t have to think about. That’s why we make it easy with no long-term contracts, bloated bundles, or data caps. With our transparent pricing, the price you see is the price you pay, no added taxes, fees, or surprises on your bill.


Get support from a helpful human, not robots. Our local support agents are available 24/7.


With a Google Wifi router included with service, you can connect your whole home and all the smart devices in it without slowdown.

Internet for everything and everyone.
Property managers
Streaming TV
Stream big.

The best way to watch TV is on internet that was built for it. Steam all your favorite shows, movies, live TV, and sports on internet designed to handle it all. It’s everything you love about cable, but better.

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