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Free internet is only one friend away.

Loving your Google Fiber Webpass experience? Refer your friends so they can enjoy fast, reliable internet too and get a free month of service for them and yourself. *

How it works

  1. Sign into your customer portal.
  2. Click the “Refer a Friend” link on the left side of your dashboard.
  3. Share your unique referral code or link.
  4. Once your friend signs up, they’ll get their first month free (you’ll get an email confirmation when this happens).
  5. After their first paid month, you’ll get a free month, too!

If you are on a month-to-month plan

  • You will get a free first month of service, and the first bill you receive will show a total of $0 owed. After the first free month, you will start being billed for service at the standard rate.

If you are on an yearly plan

  • You will get the value of one month off your total yearly bill, which will be shown on the first bill you receive. After the first year, you will be billed for service at the standard rate.

Let’s get started if that sounds good to you.

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