What is Webpass and how does it work?

Part of the Google Fiber family, Webpass is a different kind of internet service. We use industry-leading technology to bring super fast internet to apartment buildings, condominiums, and businesses in select cities. Our focus is on one thing: delivering awesome internet service. From quick and painless setup to fast, reliable speeds and helpful local support, we’ve designed everything around the goal of making your internet life simpler and easier.

Our industry-leading technology uses a combination of rooftop radios and fiber optic cables to beam internet through the sky as fast as fiber, without digging up streets or opening up walls. A receiver on the top of your building picks up the internet signal from a building with a direct fiber connection and brings it right into your home through your building’s existing wiring. All of this allows us to bring better internet to more people at a fairer price.

P2P animated illustration