How can I prepare for my installation appointment?

To make our quick & easy installation even quicker & easier, here are some things you can do to get ready:

  1. Find the data jack in your unit (hint: it looks like a phone jack) and make sure our technicians can easily access it. (i.e., clear any furniture, clothing, dust, figurine collection, or other obstacles that might be in the way)
  1. Turn on your computer and have it handy, so your tech can test the connection after the installation is done.
  1. Want WiFi? Don’t forget, you’ll need to get your own WiFi router before your appointment! See our tips on how to pick a WiFi router.
  1. Want help setting up WiFi? Have your WiFi router nearby and ready (with all the packaging removed, if it’s new). You might also want to think of a username and password. (We’ve all signed onto WiFi networks with embarrassing names or a painfully long string of random letters and numbers. Don’t let yours be one of them!)

Is all this installation talk getting you excited? Us too! So what do you say to taking this relationship to the next level?

Check if Webpass is in your building.