My device doesn’t have an Ethernet port. How do I connect to Webpass?

We already know you’re smart because you want a wired connection, which is the best way to connect to Webpass. So don’t feel silly if you can’t find where to plug in the Ethernet cable on your device. You’re not missing something; your device is—an Ethernet port! But don’t worry, you can still plug in your device to get the fastest, most reliable connection by using an Ethernet adapter. An Ethernet adapter plugs into whatever port you have on your device and turns it into an Ethernet port. There are several types of Ethernet adapters that are made to fit different ports on different devices. The most common is a USB-Ethernet adapter.

Ethernet adapter illustration

You can also connect to WiFi using a WiFi router, and you won’t have to worry about any wires, plugs, or ports on your device. But just remember, a wireless connection isn’t as fast or reliable as a wired one. And you’ll also need your own wireless router. See our tips on how to pick a WiFi router.